Rock Valley

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All roads to Rock Valley are open!!


Rock Valley Hay Auction has been selling hay and straw for over 60 years. We sell on average 4000 loads annually. Let our experience in hay and straw marketing work for you.

At our Rock Valley location:
Auctions now are Mondays & Thursday @ 12:30p.m.
Monday auctions are held November through April in addition to the year around Thursday sale.

Hay Day will be March 26, 2015! Contests from 10:30-12:00, Auction at 12:30

There will be a bale rolling contese, strap throwing contest and prizes awarded for the following categories:

1.  Best 1st or 2nd crop alfalfa

2.  Best 3rd or 4th crop alfalfa

3.  Best alfalfa large squares

4.  Best alfalfa rounds

5.  Best mixed alf/grass

6.  Best grass  large squares

7.  Best grass  small squares

8.  Best grass rounds

9.  Neatest load

10. Most unique load

11. Best straw

12. Load with the highest RFV

13. Seller coming the greatest distance

14. Person selling the most hay

15. Person buying the most hay