ROCK VALLEY Hay Sales Report      
    October 23, 2014 -  Thursday
           64  loads today
The market was lower today across
the board.  We had about 1/2 inch
rain here last night & it was quite
foggy this morning.
 Remember our Monday sales begin
in NOVEMBER (along with the
Thurs. sales).   NOV. 3 !!
An old country doctor went way out
to the boondocks to deliver a baby -
so far out there was no electricity.
When he arrived no one was home but
laboring mom & her 5 year old.  The
doc instructed the child to hold the
lantern high, so he could see as he
delivered.  When the newborn came
out, he spanked him on the bottom
to get him to take his first breath.
*Hit him again,* said the kid, *he
shouldn*t have crawled up there in
the first place.*

lgrd  41680  125.00
lgrd  50186  120.00




3x4 oatstr 37660  110.00
3x4  straw 56200    97.50
3x4  straw 43050    82.50
lgrd crnstk35920    55.00
lgrd  straw              55.00
lgrd crnstk 39040   55.00
lgrd crnstk 39200   52.50
lgrd crnstk 53880   47.50
lgrd beanst 44260   47.50
lgrd beanst 32180   47.50
lgrd beanst 46000   47.50
lgrd  crnstk 48340   35.00