ROCK VALLEY Hay Sales Report
    August 21, 2014 -  Thursday
                88 loads today
Since the *boss* is at Dakota
Fest, the rest of us are not too
smart, but we are calling the
market steady to maybe a little
lower on especially the grass.
Now it*s your call! Don*t call
us or Paul if you disagree.
This could be the warmest day
of the year (school*s begun).
NOTICE:  We are looking for
LARGE SQUARES of cornstalks;
If you have some you would like to
sell, contact us!
At the school*s *meet the teacher*
open house, there was a small
reception later in the cafeteria. 
Children & parents filed in, saw a
plate of apples, a plate of cookies
& some water & juice.  As Johnny
went through the line, he saw a sign
on the plate of apples, which said,
*Take only one, please....God is
watching.*  So Johnny took an
apple & moved on to the cookies. 
He quickly found paper & wrote,
*Take all you want...God is watching
the apples,* as he helped himself.

smsq  11150  110.00




   BEDDING - 15  
3x4  straw 50340  90.00
3x4  straw 49800  90.00
3x3  straw 30000  75.00
lgrd  straw 23340  92.50
lgrd  straw 34900  90.00
lgrd  straw 35720  90.00
lgrd  straw 29340  75.00
lgrd  straw 34800  75.00
lgrd  straw 41540  72.50
lgrd  straw 40180  72.50
lgrd  straw 41600  65.00
lgrd  straw 19380  50.00
lgrd crnstk 35660  37.50
lgrd crnstk 16120  37.50
lgrd crnstk 37940  30.00