ROCK VALLEY Hay Sales Report      
    September 18, 2014 -  Thursday
          65 loads today
Beautiful day today.  Alfalfa sold
steady.  Grass was stronger; demand
was strong!
An older gentleman was on the operating
tale awaiting surgery and he insisted that
his son perform the operation.  As he was
about to get the anesthesia, he asked to
speak to his son.  *Yes, Dad, what is it?*
*Don*t be nervous, son; do your best,
and just remember, if it doesn*t go well,
if something happens to me, your mother
is going to come and live with you and
your wife.*

lgrd  16080  175.00
lgrd  16720  135.00
lgrd  35400  115.00
lgrd  47060  105.00
lgrd  20480    95.00




straw smsq 109 bales @2.25
straw  3x3  29740  135.00
straw  3x3  23800  120.00
straw  lgrd  35680    95.00
crnstk lgrd  32480    35.00