2-24-2020 Alfalfa & Grass

Monday February 24, 2020

26 Loads

The market today was steady. Quality of alfalfa was poor and grass and cornstalks were steady.



3x4   51800  80.00

lgrd  54920 105.00 1st

lgrd  46220 102.50 2nd

lgrd  51000  75.00 3rd

lgrd  42900  70.00





lgrd  52000 117.50

lgrd  10560 115.00

lgrd  46980 115.00

lgrd  55000 115.00

lgrd  54280 112.50

lgrd  47860 100.00

lgrd  47440 100.00

lgrd  48300 100.00

lgrd  18280  92.50

lgrd  56200  55.00-Oat

lgrd  45620  40.00-Sudan Grass

lgrd  46100  40.00-Sudan Grass

lgrd  46560  37.50-Sudan Grass

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