2-4-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Monday February 4, 2019
26 loads.

The weather was a bit chilly today. We had a steady market today. Quality varied a lot.

Mixed: 1

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

lgrd  18000 162.50


Straw: 0


Cornstalks: 4


lgrd  47040  60.00

lgrd  50080  55.00

lgrd  47420  52.50

lgrd  47080  52.50


An elderly patient got hearing aids from the doctor, and after a month goes back to see the doctor again.

Doctor: Your hearing is fine now. Your family must be really pleased.

Patient: Funny story now that you should mention my family. I haven’t told them yet. I just sit and listen to their conversations. In the past month, I have changed my will 3 times.