To Help make the questions easier to follow, we have divided the questions into three categories:

General Questions (click to open)

How does our auction function?
We are situated on a 9 acres gravel parking lot. We line up the hay and straw. We sell all the straw first, then all the small squares, then all the rounds and 3x3's. The straw is usually sold by the bale and the hay is sold by the ton to the top bidder.

How long does the auction last?
The auction usually lasts about one hour. Large auctions in the winter can last as long as two hours.

Are the auctions held during bad weather?
Yes, auctions are conducted regardless of the weather. We have hay arriving every day of the week, so we sell whatever hay arrives.

Is trucking available?
Yes, we offer trucking service ourselves. We can also assist you in covering your trucking needs. We work with lots of trucking companies and brokers nationwide. Delivery is not a problem. Our numbers are on the contact us page. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

What are our weighing policies?
We encourage sellers to come with punched in weight tickets from accredited scales. The loads do not have to be weighed prior to the auction. We sell all loads subject to being reweighed. The buyer has the right to reweigh any load or loads which they buy. If the buyer requests a reweigh, the buyers' obligation is to pay the cost of weighing, pay mileage over 10 miles, and we will use the second weight whether more or less. The sellers' obligation includes weighing the load both empty & loaded and bringing the scale ticket to the hay office. If the buyer wants the load reweighed, they must notify the clerk immediately following the sale of that load. We will use a scale that is most convenient for the seller.

Is there lunch at the auction?
Yes, on Thursdays we typically have a food truck outside or a lunch in the shed during the winter months. 

Is there a hotel nearby?
Yes, the GrandStay Hotel and Suites 2679 Rockridge Drive  Rock Valley, IA Tel: 712.476.9200 & Heartland Hotel and Suites 2111 10th St.  Rock Valley, IA Tel: 712.476.9388 are located only a few blocks away. For more info go to our Location page.

Buyers Questions (click to open)

What are the 'terms' at the auction?
The terms are cash or good check the day of the sale.

Can we have the hay delivered?
Yes, the selling price includes the first ten miles delivery. After ten miles, delivery charges will be added automatically to your bill. The rate per mile depends upon the size of the load. We ask if you need it delivered over 50 miles that you ask whether the seller or trucker is willing to do so. If the trucker does not want to deliver that far, ask us we may be interested.

Is the hay tested?
About 1/2 of the better alfalfa is tested. We do not test the hay here. We use the tests that the seller provides on the honor system. We sell a lot of feedlot (grinding)hay and grass hay. But, about 1/2 of the dairy quality comes with a test.

Can I have hay or straw bought in order?
Yes, you may. Please contact the office for more information.

Do we sell hay and straw on private treaty basis?
Yes, we sell hay and straw every day. Contact us for more details.

What is the obligation of unloading?
The sellers obligation of unloading with regards to small squares is to throw the bales off the truck to the buyer or onto a bale elevator.

Can we unload trucks at your yard?
Yes, we keep two loaders on our yard. Starting February 19, 2024, we will change our unloading/loading/delivery fees from $90 to $125. Also starting February 19, 2024, we will start charging for no sales. If not sold within three auctions, we will charge a $40 no sale fee if the load is no saled three consecutive auctions.

Sellers Questions (click to open)

Is trucking available?
Yes, we provide custom trucking for distances less than 150 miles. If you need trucking for distances greater than 150 miles, we can locate trucks for you as we work with many trucking companies. If you are interested in having us haul or help you find trucks please call Paul @ 712-476-5541 or 712-470-1274.

When are checks issued?
Checks are issued the day of the auction by 4 PM. If the checks are not picked up by closing time, the checks are mailed that evening.

Can checks be deferred?
Yes, we will defer your checks until you want them.

Does the hay need to be delivered after it is sold?
Yes, the selling price includes the first 10 miles delivery. After 10 miles, the trucker is reimbursed. We have set mileage rates from $2.25 to $5 per mile depending on the size of the load. If the trucker disagrees with the rate, they may use their own rate. We will announce the new rate prior to selling that load, so it is necessary that we are notified prior to selling their load.

What DOT permits are needed in Iowa?
It really depends on your situation. The Iowa DOT permit center's # is 515-237-3224. They usually are helpful in answering questions.

Do I need to consign the hay or straw in advance?
No, we don't need to know in advance. However, I will get the word out better if you let me know or even leave a message. Especially, if you are coming with an unusual product.

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