Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 06-02-22

Rock Valley Hay Report
Thursday June 2, 2022
 57 Loads


The market was steady to weaker and the quality was off a bit. We had no new hay but are expecting some at the sale next week.

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      45820  67.50

lgrd   2260  90.00

lgrd  35340  67.50

lgrd  44420  67.50

lgrd  50480  67.50

lgrd  36860  67.50

lgrd  47060  67.50

lgrd  48000  65.00

lgrd  44040  47.50



3x3   51560 210.00   

lgrd  47860 190.00   

lgrd  50000 185.00   

lgrd  45140 180.00 1st




3x4   26660 185.00 Wheat

3x4   32560 130.00 Wheat

lgrd  42020 140.00 Rye

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