1-17-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday January 17, 2019
93 loads.

We had a heavy volume today! Market trended a little weaker today, and quality varied greatly.

Mixed: 5

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

lgrd  49240 160.00

lgrd  58120 145.00

lgrd  18820 125.00

lgrd  48080 120.00

lgrd  45860  97.50


Straw: 2

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

3x4   32260 100.00

3x4   58120  65.00


Cornstalks: 5


lgrd  38990  67.50

lgrd  35060  65.00

lgrd  35240  60.00

lgrd  17140  55.00

lgrd  46650  40.00

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