1-27-2020 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Monday January 27, 2020

26 Loads

The market was lower for today’s sale, with not a lot of buyer interest, and the quality of hay was average at best.

** A Valentine’s Story:  A high school English teacher was noted for being a fair but hard grader.  One day Mike received a B- on a theme paper.  In hopes of bettering the grade and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Mike sent her a heart shaped box of chocolates with the inscription, “Be Mine.” The  following day Mike received a Valentine from the teacher.  It read, “Thank you, but it’s still Be Mine-Us.”



lgrd  54440  62.50

lgrd  54360  60.00

lgrd  48720  60.00

lgrd  42140  60.00

lgrd  41660  60.00



lgrd  50160 120.00