11-14-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday November 14, 2019
59 loads.

The better alfalfa sold well and mid to lower quality alfalfa sold mostly steady. Grass continues to sell steady. We had several loads of preventive plant hay in today – baled mostly out of condition and not much demand. There was not much straw, but straw is selling steady. Cornstalks settled in the 50’s today.
DON’T FORGET: Monday sales have started!! ATTENTION ALL HAY HAULERS: The road through Hudson is OPEN!



lgrd  54240 115.00

lgrd  50460 105.00



3x4   32460 140.00

lgrd  35220 135.00

lgrd  58340  92.50




lgrd  45060  57.50

lgrd  43900  55.00

lgrd  48320  52.50

lgrd  45100  50.00

--ODDS & ENDS- 10--


lgrd  30980  47.50 millet

lgrd  58160  40.00 sorghum

lgrd  51520  40.00 sorghum

lgrd  46080  40.00 sudan

lgrd  67400  17.50 sorghum

lgrd  59640  17.50 millet

lgrd  41500  15.00 sudan

lgrd  64800  15.00 millet

lgrd  45060  15.00 sudan

lgrd  58520  15.00 millet

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