11-21-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday November 21, 2019
72 loads.

Alfalfa sold steady to stronger today on the mid-quality, and sold weaker on lower and upper quality. Grass sold weaker. Generally most of the quality was average at best with a few exceptions. Bedding is scare. We will not be having a sale next week Thursday due to Thanksgiving!! We will still be having a Monday sale.

DON’T FORGET: Monday sales have started!! ATTENTION ALL HAY HAULERS: The road through Hudson is OPEN!

Mixed : 8

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

3x3   56760 200.00

3x3   50080 192.50

lgrd  47670 187.50

lgrd  17940 137.50

lgrd  42380 100.00

lgrd   9080 100.00

lgrd  38700  95.00

lgrd  38160  90.00



lgrd  45700 120.00

lgrd   9920  80.00




lgrd  13720  62.50

lgrd  50140  60.00

lgrd  48300  52.50

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