2-18-2021 Mixed Hay & Bedding

Thursday February 18, 2021

74 Loads

Beautiful sunny day for the sale today.  Nice run of hay.  Quality was pretty good.  Market was steady to stronger. 

We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.





lgrd  52260 120.00   



3x4       3  45.00



3x4   52480  97.50

3x4   43040  90.00-beardless barley

lgrd  33360  82.50-wheat

lgrd  15640  70.00-oat




lgrd  46180  42.50

lgrd  38080  42.50

lgrd  47560  42.50

lgrd  43460  42.50

lgrd  44880  42.50

lgrd  47200  42.50

lgrd  38440  42.50

lgrd  46740  42.50

lgrd  49190  40.00

lgrd  36420  40.00

lgrd  51120  40.00

lgrd  42940  40.00

lgrd  37560  40.00

lgrd  48680  40.00

lgrd  37060  40.00

lgrd  10440  37.50

lgrd  29770  35.00

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