2-6-2020 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday February 6, 2020

83 Loads

We had a good turn out for the sale today with the market selling steady.



3x3   46940 160.00 4th

3x4   55140 145.00

3x4   60160 130.00

lgrd  48160 155.00

lgrd  45540 137.50

lgrd  50260 100.00

lgrd  41880 100.00

lgrd  26240 100.00

lgrd  51280  95.00

lgrd  38100  95.00



3x4   45540 155.00

lgrd  38120 112.50




lgrd  46260  62.50

lgrd  11240  62.50

lgrd  53780  57.50

lgrd  54020  57.50

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