2-8-2021 Alfalfa & Grass

Monday February 8, 2021

20 Loads

Very small sale today.  Not much to test.  Market was steady to strong.

Come hungry on Thursday.  We will be serving burgers in the shed to celebrate Paul’s 25 years owning the hay auction!!

We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.





3x3   59380  75.00 1st-new

lgrd  46680 140.00 3rd

lgrd  42380 135.00 2nd

lgrd              125.00 1st  



lgrd  61700 117.50   

lgrd  19280 115.00   

lgrd  47120 105.00   

lgrd  44800 100.00   

lgrd  45140  95.00   

lgrd  44900  95.00   

lgrd  52140  90.00   

lgrd  49880  87.50   

lgrd  18300  85.00   

lgrd  16540  82.50   

lgrd  39800  82.50   

lgrd  49600  75.00   

lgrd               80.00



**An Iowa Winter Poem
It’s winter in Iowa and the gentle breeze blows, 

Seventy miles an hour at thirty below.
Oh how I love Iowa, when the snow is up your butt
You take a breath of winter air and your nose gets frozen shut.
Yes, the winter here is wonderful. So I guess I will hang around.
I could never leave Iowa, cause I’m frozen to the ground!