3-21-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday March 21, 2019
56 loads.

Market was definitely stronger today! Overall quality was low. We have a strong demand. It is hard to get hay here due to the wet ground conditions everywhere. DON’T FORGET: HAY DAY IS 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!!!

Mixed: 5


3x3   39420 142.50

lgrd  34540 175.00

lgrd  47000 162.50

lgrd  51020 155.00

lgrd  52460 152.50

Cornstalks: 2


lgrd  42420  85.00

lgrd  35940  80.00


Straw: 3


3x3   37600  70.00 bean

3x4   53220  82.50

3x4   55280  82.50

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