3-8-2021 Mixed Hay & Bedding

Monday March 8, 2021

39 Loads

Market was about steady.  Not much to test.  Mostly mid-quality hay, not a lot.

We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.





3x3   46560 140.00   

3x4   58060 115.00   



3x4    2800  90.00

4x4   29820  55.00




lgrd  37760  42.50

lgrd  43420  40.00

lgrd  54700  40.00

lgrd  44800  40.00

lgrd  43340  40.00

lgrd  46420  40.00



**A rancher walks into a bar and sits next to a rugged old guy with a hat. He says, “I just had the hardest day rounding up my cattle.” The rugged guy responds, “Oh yeah?  I’m a rancher too. I got a couple hundred acres down by the creek.” The rancher brags, “Not bad, not bad, but I can get in my truck in the morning, start driving, and I won’t reach the end of my ranch until the next day.” The rugged guy looks at him with pity and says, “I feel you. I used to have a truck like that too.”