4-19-2021 Alfalfa and Grass

Monday April 19, 2021

22 Loads

Market was called steady on a lighter test. 1 more Monday sale remaining!         


We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.





3x3   47360 142.50 3rd

lgrd  22380 225.00   

lgrd   3260 150.00   

lgrd  56080 140.00 3rd

lgrd  51540 140.00   

lgrd  29280 135.00   

lgrd  46400 120.00 2nd



lgrd  50500 135.00   

lgrd  50280 135.00   

lgrd  49800 115.00   

lgrd  55880 112.50   

lgrd  37420 110.00   

lgrd  51140 102.50   

lgrd  37660  95.00   

lgrd  39480  87.50   

lgrd  43380  85.00   

lgrd  44960  85.00   

lgrd  45880  82.50   

lgrd  45100  80.00   

** In the old west a cowboy was riding his horse looking for stray cattle when he came upon a rattlesnake warming himself in the sun on the trail. The horse spooked and reared up and the cowboy drew his six shooter to shoot the snake. “Hold on!” said the snake. “I am an enchanted rattlesnake. If you let me live, I will grant you three wishes.” The cowboy decided to take a chance. He said, “Ok, first, I’d like to have a face like Clark Gable, then, I’d like a build like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and finally I would like sexual equipment comparable to that of my horse here.” “Alright,” said the rattlesnake. “When you get back to the bunk house, your three wishes will come true.” The cowboy took off back to the bunkhouse as fast as his horse would go. Upon arrival, he runs inside to look in the mirror. Sure enough, the face of Clark Gable was staring back at him. He rips off his shirt to reveal a muscular body like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lastly he undoes his belt buck to find a real surprise. “Crap!! I was riding the mare!”