5-23-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday May 23, 2019
68 loads.

Quality varied tremendously. Good hay sold very well. We had some extremely poor hay as well today. There was lots of buyer interest. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day. We are selling some trucks, trailers, and also a 1066 tractor. You can find details at the bottom of the events page on our website, or you can call Paul at 712-470-1274.



3x3   43380 215.00

lgrd  47540 180.00

lgrd  31740 180.00

lgrd  51420 165.00

lgrd  50860  30.00



3x4   52680 165.00

3x4   51600 160.00

3x4    1080 160.00

3x4   48200  40.00

lgrd  43900  90.00




lgrd  48680  65.00

lgrd  52500  57.50

lgrd  51880  55.00

lgrd  43100  50.00

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