5-7-2020 Mixed hay and Bedding

Thursday May 7, 2020

85  Loads

Bedding sold weaker today while alfalfa and grass remained steady. We had good buyer attendance today.

We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.

MIXED --10


smsq   7540 105.00   

3x3   44700 117.50

3x3               90.00

3x3               82.50   

lgrd  20000 160.00   

lgrd  45680 132.50 3rd

lgrd  52260 117.50 4th

lgrd  45300 107.50   

lgrd  50480  90.00   

lgrd  54820  80.00   




3x4   66680   5.00

3x4                50.00

lgrd  46400  50.00




lgrd  44880  32.50

lgrd  37680  30.00

lgrd  35100  27.50

lgrd  38800  27.50

lgrd  41340  25.00

lgrd  38180  25.00

lgrd  42680  25.00

lgrd  43400  25.00

lgrd  42600  20.00

 ** For our 10 year anniversary I bought my wife a map of the world. I wrapped it up in a box and attached a card. On the card it said, “Throw this dart at this map, and wherever it lands is where I am taking you.” I’d been saving up money for close to 2 years now because we never had a honeymoon. I then put a dart in my wife’s hand. She was so excited and nervous. She said “I hope it lands on Ireland!” She finally threw the dart, and I’m happy to announce that this October my wife and I will be spending 2 wonderful weeks beside the baseboard in the kitchen.