5-9-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday May 9, 2019
80 loads.

We had quite a bit of good hay here today, and a lot of plain hay as well. Everything looked wet. Market was called generally steady to marginally weaker. We are selling some trucks, trailers, and also a 1066 tractor. You can find details at the bottom of the events page on our website, or you can call Paul at 712-470-1274.  MONDAY SALES RESUME IN NOVEMBER!!

Mixed: 3




3x4   62000 105.00

lgrd  44300 130.00

lgrd  40640  95.00


3x4   51320 142.50

3x4   43680 140.00

3x4   54960  97.50

lgrd  44420  97.50

Cornstalks: 1


lgrd  55220  42.50

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