7-11-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday July 11, 2019
108 loads.

Our yard is once again high and dry as it has been for the past week. We are once again fully operational! Market was lower today. We had a lot of low to mid-range hay of both alfalfa and grass. Demand was decent today. We are selling some trucks, trailers, and also a 1066 tractor. You can find details at the bottom of the events page on our website, or you can call Paul at 712-470-1274.



lgrd  56100 140.00

lgrd  56260 125.00

lgrd  54160 117.50

lgrd  44220 107.50

lgrd  31720 100.00

lgrd  47000  95.00



lgrd  38820 135.00

lgrd  37540 125.00

lgrd  42060 110.00

lgrd  43540  80.00



lgrd  36040  60.00

lgrd  57180  57.50

Lgrd 36480  52.50

Lgrd 58700  50.00

Lgrd  51900  50.00

lgrd  55220  50.00

lgrd  45700  47.50

lgrd  46800  47.50

** I was driving along one day when I saw the flash of a traffic camera. I figured that my picture had been taken for exceeding the speed limit, even though I knew that I was not speeding. Just to be sure, I went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed. Now I began to think that this was quite funny, so I drove even slower as I passed there once more, but the traffic camera flashed again. I tried a fourth and a fifth time with the same results and was now laughing as the camera flashed while I rolled past at a snail’s pace. Two weeks later, I got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt. Ya know, I guess you just can’t fix stupid…