7-18-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday July 18, 2019
73 loads.

Market is called steady to firm today. We had better quality hay today. We had some good loads of 2nd cutting in today as well. We had 4 loads of round new straw that sold well. We are selling some trucks, trailers, and also a 1066 tractor. You can find details at the bottom of the events page on our website, or you can call Paul at 712-470-1274.

Mixed: 5

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

3x3   51620 160.00

lgrd  36730 122.50

lgrd  38700 115.00

lgrd  49260  92.50

lgrd  22780  67.50




3x4   52520 120.00

3x4   52300 100.00

lgrd  35940 147.50

lgrd  35060 145.00

lgrd  37840 145.00

lgrd  36080 120.00

lgrd  49080  95.00

lgrd  45200  90.00




lgrd  36580  70.00

lgrd  31700  70.00

lgrd  48400  57.50

lgrd  51100  47.50

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