9-5-2019 Mixed Hay and Bedding

Thursday September 5, 2019
63 loads.

ATTENTION ALL HAY HAULERS: Beginning Sept 5th, the road through Hudson will be closed and you will not be able to get through that way. It will remain closed for the month of September. We had a lighter run today with a pretty good buyer crowd in attendance. Alfalfa quality was pretty good and the market on such was the same to slightly stronger from last week. We had a fair amount of grass in and the quality was up and down. The prices reflected accordingly. Straw market was lower. We are selling some trucks, trailers, and also a 1066 tractor. You can find details at the bottom of the events page on our website, or you can call Paul at 712-470-1274.


Straw: 16

SIZE   LBS    $/TON 

3x3   39720  70.00

3x4   35960  80.00

3x4   54120  75.00

3x4   36760  72.50

3x4   37360  72.50

3x4   35060  72.50

3x4   39180  72.50

3x4   37100  72.50

3x4   39700  70.00

3x4   37620  70.00

lgrd  45280  90.00

lgrd  44040  90.00

lgrd  41660  85.00

lgrd  46340  82.50

lgrd  38440  75.00

lgrd  40060  72.50



lgrd  43220  50.00



3x4   44980 117.50

lgrd  37380  95.00

lgrd  38900  87.50

lgrd  14000  87.50

lgrd  48860  55.00


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