December 27, 2021 Alfalfa and Grass

Monday December 23, 2021
23 Loads

Market was called a little stronger today than Thursday’s sale. Quality was decent, but it was a very light test

Our schedule will remain the same through the holidays coming up. We will have sales on both Mondays and Thursday each week.

We now have the option available for you to buy select loads of hay through our website. The loads can be viewed on our website under the “Hay for Sale” tab.





3x3   53380 217.50 4th

3x3   49720 207.50 3rd

3x4   47180 150.00 1st

lgrd  53200 202.50 3rd

lgrd  39040  90.00   



3x4   62220 190.00   

lgrd  52280 205.00   

lgrd   1320 185.00   

lgrd  50000 175.00   

lgrd  49740 172.50   

lgrd  55240 170.00   

lgrd  51080 167.50   

lgrd  45540 147.50   

~ Someone put this ad in the paper: Mercedes-AMG G63 for sale @ $1. No one believed it could be true, so no one responded but one old man and he went to see the car. The lady actually sold him a Mercedes which had just over 12,000 miles for $1. She handed him the papers and the car keys. Deal done! As the old man was leaving, he said, “I shall die of suspense if you don’t tell me why this car was sold so cheap.” The lady replied, “I am just fulfilling the will of my deceased husband where it is written that the money received from the sale of his Mercedes would go to his “Secretary.” Wives are wives in life, and after death, too.