May 5, 2022 Mixed Hay and Bedding


Thursday May 5, 2022

61 Loads

The market was mostly steady but not as fiery as last week. In all classes grass remains the strongest element of the market.

Reminder: No more Monday sales until November!


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lgrd  47520  77.50

lgrd  36040  77.50

lgrd  32660  70.00

lgrd  32500  70.00

lgrd  39800  65.00



3x3   44460 225.00 2nd

lgrd  57800 260.00   

lgrd  53100 242.50 3rd

lgrd  54060 225.00   



3x4   55300 140.00 Rye

lgrd  35020 150.00 Wheat

lgrd  32760  50.00 Bean

lgrd  34560  50.00 Bean

lgrd  33880  50.00 Bean

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