Mixed Hay & Bedding 05-19-22

Rock Valley Hay Report
Thursday May 19, 2022
74 Loads


Alfalfa sold mostly steady to slightly weaker and the quality varied. Grass hay was steady to weaker. Straw sold strong on a light test. Cornstalks were weaker.


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      54120  47.50

lgrd  35480  65.00

lgrd  31640  55.00

lgrd  31420  55.00

lgrd  30960  55.00

lgrd  42260  55.00

lgrd  56640  50.00

lgrd  39600  50.00

lgrd  45940  45.00

lgrd  45480  45.00



3x4   49980 155.00

lgrd  40300 135.00


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