Mixed Hay & Bedding 3-19-2020

Thursday March 19, 2020

39 Loads

Market today was at a very light run, steady at a low figure.   **We are currently planning on having Hay Day April 2, 2020



3x3   44600  80.00

3x3   42220  70.00

3x4   48420  87.50

lgrd  52760 110.00

lgrd  42580 107.50

lgrd  40400  95.00 2nd

lgrd  36080  82.50



lgrd  42440  60.00

lgrd  38820  57.50

lgrd  39300  57.50

** A young boy walks into a barber’s shop and the barber whispers to the customer to whom he’s currently attending, “This kid has got to be the dumbest kid in the world.  Watch and I’ll prove it to you.”  The barber then puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then he says to the boy, “Hey kid, which do you want the dollar bill or the quarters?”  The boy decides to take the quarters and then he leaves the shop.  “What did I tell you? said the barber.  “That dumb kid never learns!”  Later, when the customer is leaving the barber shop he sees the same kid coming out of the ice cream store.  “Hey, kid!  May I ask you a question?” asks the customer.  “Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?”  The boy licks his ice cream for a moment before saying, “Because the day I take the dollar bill the game is over!”