Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 08/10/23

Rock Valley Hay Report

Thursday August 10, 2023

87 Loads

Today the quality was much lower on both alfalfa and grass. The prices reflect the lower quality as most of the grass was CRP. The bedding was steady.

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3x4   14460 230.00   

3x4   39380 230.00   

Lgrd  46100 165.00

lgrd  10520 140.00 1st



lgrd  44400  90.00

lgrd  40540  82.50

lgrd  41020  82.50

lgrd  38960  70.00



3x3   16160 140.00 Oat NEW

3x4   39980 187.50 Wheat NEW

3x4   48340 145.00 Rye NEW

lgrd  48900 142.50 Rye NEW

lgrd  33500 130.00 Rye

lgrd  33620 130.00 Rye

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Starting in September we will be offering ground hay delivered to your farm on live bottom trailers. Prices will depend on exactly what you want as far as Alfalfa, Grass, or Mixed Hay. For more details contact Paul 712-470-1274 or rockvalleyhay@gmail.com