Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 11/03/22

Rock Valley Hay Report
Thursday November 3, 2022
 85 Loads


Today we had a nice run of hay. The market was mostly steady today. The grass sold steady to weaker with a good volume of grass in the offering. The buyers were active but maybe not as aggressive as in previous sales.

*NOTE our 1st Monday auction for the season will be Monday Nov 7.

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lgrd  41120 235.00   

lgrd  42340 232.50   

lgrd  50100 210.00   

lgrd  50300 210.00   




3x4   48160 167.50

3x4   52920 162.50 Wheat

3x4   51070 160.00 Wheat

lgrd  36120 165.00 Oat



lgrd  41040  77.50

lgrd  39220  77.50

lgrd  35160  75.00

lgrd  34020  75.00

lgrd  61720  75.00

lgrd  37760  72.50


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