Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 11-16-23

Rock Valley Hay Report

Thursday November 16, 2023

75 Loads

Today we had a nice size buying and selling crowd in. The mark remained mostly steady with the exception of cornstalks being lower.

REMINDER: Next week we only have a Monday sale and the internet will not be updated for the week. You may call the office for what is available. Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

NOTICE: Next week we only have a Monday auction.




3x4   52400 152.50 WHEAT

3x4    2060 150.00 WHEAT

3x4   44460 145.00 WHEAT

3x4   41860 140.00 BARLEY

3x4   44700 135.00 WHEAT

3x4   58740 125.00 WHEAT

lgrd  37880 130.00 RYE

lgrd  38800 130.00 RYE



3x4   39200 185.00   

lgrd  50400 210.00   



lgrd  53880  65.00


*BENEFITS OF A GOOD VOCABULARY* I recently called an old engineering buddy & asked what he was working on lately... He replied that he was working on “aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum & steel under a constrained environment.” I was impressed until, upon further inquiry, I learned that he was washing dishes with hot water under his wife’s supervision.

Starting in September we will be offering ground hay delivered to your farm on live bottom trailers. Prices will depend on exactly what you want as far as Alfalfa, Grass, or Mixed Hay. For more details contact Paul 712-470-1274 or rockvalleyhay@gmail.com