Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 11/21/22

Rock Valley Hay Report
Monday November 21, 2022

48 Loads

Today’s market was steady to lower for both the grass and alfalfa. The straw was steady to stronger. We had a nice size buying crown in today. Thank you to all that make the auction successful and may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

** We will not be having a sale on Thanksgiving**

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lgrd  41620 200.00   



3x4   56800 160.00 Wheat

3x4   42620 157.50 Wheat

3x4   38960 100.00 Wheat

lgrd  36000 157.50 Wheat

lgrd  25720 152.50 Wheat


My family asked me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I told them I couldn’t quit cold turkey.