Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 11-27-2023

Rock Valley Hay Report

Monday November 27, 2023

67 Loads

Today the alfalfa was pretty much steady, grass was a little lower. Bedding was steady. Small buying crowd in today.



Starting in September we will be offering ground hay delivered to your farm on live bottom trailers. Prices will depend on exactly what you want as far as Alfalfa, Grass, or Mixed Hay. For more details contact Paul 712-470-1274 or rockvalleyhay@gmail.com




lgrd  44640  87.50

lgrd  38080  82.50

lgrd  38800  60.00

lgrd  40400  30.00

lgrd  38200  30.00



3x4   48620 132.50

3x4   45220 132.50 WHEAT

3x4   51320 130.00 WHEAT

3x4   54220 130.00 WHEAT

lgrd  27100 140.00 WHEAT

lgrd  43260 132.50 OAT


Farmer from Kentucky was walking down the road with bag of chickens. A farmer from Indiana walks by and says “Whatcha got there? Chickens? How many?” Kentucky says “Tell ya what Hoosier, if you can guess how many I have, I’ll give you both of em.”