Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 9/7/23

Rock Valley Hay Report

Thursday September 7, 2023

89 Loads

Today the buyer crowd was very limited due to silage cutting. The quality of grass continues to be on the poorer side with a lot of CRP and ditch hay. The alfalfa varied in quality a lot. In general, the market was about steady.

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3x4   40200 147.50 WHEAT

3x4   50980 145.00 WHEAT

3x4   44780 145.00 WHEAT

3x4   55780 142.50 WHEAT

3x4   39320 142.50

3x4   50480 137.50 WHEAT

lgrd  41320 135.00 OATS

lgrd  38860 127.50 OAT

lgrd  36020  95.00 RYE

lgrd  36300  90.00 RYE

lgrd  37340  87.50 RYE

lgrd  35180  87.50 RYE



3x3   42420 185.00 3rd

3x3   42680 180.00 3rd

3x4   63140 185.00 1st

lgrd  38120 205.00   

lgrd  41720 100.00 3rd



lgrd  37880 117.50

lgrd  51520  90.00

lgrd  10800  90.00

lgrd  39640  85.00

lgrd  39380  85.00

lgrd  39940  85.00

lgrd  36660  80.00


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Starting in September we will be offering ground hay delivered to your farm on live bottom trailers. Prices will depend on exactly what you want as far as Alfalfa, Grass, or Mixed Hay. For more details contact Paul 712-470-1274 or rockvalleyhay@gmail.com