Mixed Hay & Bedding 3-12-2020

Thursday  March 12, 2020

60 Loads

The market for today’s sale was light but stronger than it was.  Quality and demand were also better than the last 2 sales but still lacking.    **Hay Day is April 2, 2020



3x3   50080 172.50

3x3   46220  72.50

3x3   45680  55.00

3x4   49340 110.00

lgrd  50840 112.50

lgrd  47960 105.00 2nd

lgrd  45000  85.00

3x3                67.50



3x4   53920 115.00

lgrd  39080 120.00

lgrd  35240 117.50

lgrd  43638 107.50

lgrd  43140 102.50




lgrd  43040  57.50

lgrd  41840  47.50

lgrd  12640  15.00

**A couple are out for a walk when they notice a large sign outside a house which reads, “Talking dog for sale.”  They are both intrigued by the idea of a talking dog, so they knock on the door and ask if they can take a look at this dog.  “Sure! Says the owner, “Come on in.”  The owner escorts them into the lounge where the dog is lying on the sofa watching television.  “Hello,” they say to the dog.  “Hello,” the dog responds.  “What have you done with your life so far then?” the couple ask the dog.  “Well, actually I’ve led a very full life,” says the dog. “Really?” says the couple.  “Yes, really,” says the dog. “I’ve lived in the Alps rescuing avalanche victims.  Then I served my country in Iraq  and now I work part-time reading to the residents in a retirement home.  The couple are amazed by this.  They can’t believe any dog could have done quite so much.  One of them then asks the dog’s owner, “Why on earth would you want to get rid of this amazing dog?”  “Oh, we’re getting rid of him because he’s a liar.  He’s not done any of those things,” says the owner.