Mixed Hay & Bedding Results 2-27-23

Rock Valley Hay Report

Thursday February 23, 2023

28 Loads

Very light test today. Local ground conditions are very muddy today. Market generally steady.

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lgrd  52380 185.00 1st

lgrd  48100 140.00   




lgrd  49160 107.50

lgrd  50380 107.50

lgrd  47460 105.00



3x4   56140 145.00 WHEAT

3x4   53120 140.00 WHEAT

3x4   43560 135.00 WHEAT

3x4   37240 105.00 WHEAT

3x4   42620  85.00 WHEAT

3x4   44940  85.00 WHEAT

lgrd  41680 135.00


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